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Tom Brandon

Melbourne born and bred, Tom has an innate ability to blend creative concepts with technical innovation. Since co-founding the Splice Boys in early 2012 his constant focus has been on developing new ideas, techniques and technology in the sphere of photography and video.

Tom’s career has its foundation in a wide variety of disciplines in fine art and production. Always with a focus on problem solving, innovation and creative flair, his drive is to be a leading innovator in his field..


Jynx Fatsoon - #studiokitten

Jynx got her modelling career started not long after being adopted into the Tamale Studios family. While extremely cute and friendly, she has been known to be somewhat aloof during shoots. While you can reliably get great photos of her and she knows how to strut her stuff, sometimes she may be disinterested in the process and not reliably stay in shot. We therefore recommend that you not rely on her as the main talent. Can be paid in cuddles and scratches.

Madam Ali Rae

Ali Rae

Ali Rae’s passion is all things makeup. Coming to Australia all the way from sunny Los Angeles California, Ali has worked her entire life in the entertainment industry. The majority of her career has been spent on film and television productions. 

Since her relocation, Ali has continued to work in all aspects of the makeup industry both at home and abroad. She specialises in Special Effects Fabrication but has a multitude of certifications in TV and Film Makeup as well as Airbrush, Theatre, Beauty, Body Painting, Special Effects and Prop Making. Ali also holds a teaching certification and trains artists privately and at schools around Melbourne.


Jonesy fluffypants - #studiocat

The ever elusive studio cat is disinterested in the glamorous life of photography and production. He keeps an eye on proceedings from the comfort of his bedroom. Keep your fingers crossed that you do manage to catch a glimpse of him because he’s a majestic beast!